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Turn The Tables Coaching is a Work & Wellness platform that encourages practicing 'me time', and prioritising our well being. Our lives are getting busier and busier by the day. Busy schedules, hectic lives and stressful jobs are making it harder for us to take a step back and have some vital 'me time'. However, it is very important for us all to stay in touch with ourselves and set time aside for some quality self-care. This is where the importance of 'me time' comes into play.

Sometimes, a little step back can make us all a lot more productive and focused on the goals that we need to achieve. Overworking is one of the biggest causes of procrastination. Taking some 'me time' can really help us to re-assess our tasks and be ready to hit them head on.

Cause if you feel better, you perform better. A more present, focussed and happier you, ultimately makes you a nicer person for the ones around you. Next to that, when you take some time to pause, away from the noise, you can experience that there is more beyond this physical life. And that you can work with the energies of the universe, the quantum field. The field that connects us all, and where there is an abundance of creativity.

If you feel overwhelmed, just want some time off from the busyness of life, or want to focus on your next step in your life/career, stillness will do you good. TTT created a little getaway for you to re-fill your own cup. Take care of your body, mind and soul. Re-connect with yourself, and who knows with something more...


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