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A Work & Wellness platform for creative professionals in the Fashion & Design Industry. My name is Claudia Kafoe, the initiator of Turn The Tables. Given my 13 years experience in the Fashion & Design Industry, both as a fashion designer and recruiter, this area is my niche. I can be the bridge between the creative side and the business side.

Before my career in the Fashion & Design Industry, I worked as a professional dancer. Due to an injury I had to quit this beloved career too early unfortunately. But it's still a passion of mine that I will forever adore and practice, in my own way.


With my work as a Work & Wellness Coach, it is my mission to help creatives boost their confidence. To feel happier in your current work environment. Or to show ways how you can put yourself and your work out-there, in an authentic way. So that you get that dream job, project or client. 

TTT offers practical and constructive help to get clear on your personal strengths, talents, values, and core area of expertise. So that you feel confident about your unique talents. And feel proud of yourself. That will ultimately show through your work.


Cause when you feel better, you perform better!

I hope I can be of help in any way, 

Love Claudia Kafoe

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