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I describe myself as a Life Coach, with a focus on professional life within the Fashion & Design world. I have been to the mountain and back. Which has given me a great amount of experience to help others who might go through similar struggles. 

The Fashion & Design world is a beautiful but tough industry, in which people's well-being is often ignored. Deadlines, underpay, long hours, criticism, little exercise and unhealthy habits. I love the creative world, and firmly believe that we can make this an even more beautiful world if we can help people feel stable and resilient, with confidence in their own strength. This way, better results are achieved. And more innovative ideas will appear. The well-being of employees is extremely important in the coming years to keep a company growing and thriving.

A burnout costs on average E 60,000. A coaching trajectory costs on average E 500-1000,-


We find Wellness in our spare time quite normal. But can we also extend Wellness to the workplace, and into our business mindset?

Cause when you feel better, you perform better!

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Frequently asked questions & topics:

  • I’m not happy with where I am now, but I don't know what my next step should be. Or which direction I want to go.

  • Can you take a look at my CV and Portfolio?

  • I want to apply  for a new role and would like to upgrade my work. So that I can present myself optimally.

  • I would like to make a promotion in my current company, but I don't know how to approach this?

  • I would like to get a raise, how do I approach this with my manager?

  • How do I start as a freelancer?

  • Who am I as an entrepreneur / freelancer?

  • What is my Personal signature? 

I hope I can be of help in any way, 

Claudia Kafoe

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Studio location: Keizersgracht 394 - Amsterdam


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