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Personal journey


I started my career as a professional dancer, but a chronic injury forced me to say goodbye to that world prematurely. My sense of design brought me to the fashion world around 2010 through Artemis, a fashion and styling course, and it didn't take long before I started working as a designer for international fashion companies. A conversation in 2016 with the owner of thé fashion recruitment company in the Netherlands (HTNK) gave my CV an unexpected twist. From being a designer I became a Fashion Recruiter. Guiding creatives to a new step in their career turned out to fit me like a glove.


And yet I ended up in a burnout in 2021. And not just any burnout. I ended up in the burnout of burnouts. 'The show must go on' had always been my motto. But my body said 'no', it just didn't work anymore. My wings broke off, my world collapsed. I ended up in a dark tunnel of illness and sadness.

No one gets burnout due to one factor. Both my private and professional life was a roller coaster. Extremely demanding customers in combination with infertility and a fertility process, hormone pills that made me depressed and a - in my opinion, failing - health system where every problem that arose was solved with a new pill that caused a new problem. I lost my confidence in the medical route, stopped the fertility process and found my own path to healing. By adjusting my lifestyle, taking more time for myself, changing my diet and examining my stress factors, I eventually overcame my 'incurable' hormonal PCOS syndrome and regained my fertility. A wonderful gift, but our relationship did not survive the turbulence. In the space of a few months I lost everything I had, my partner, my house and my full-time job. My foundation was gone and my burnout finished it off.


It ended up being a huge wake-up call that transformed my life. I turned myself inside out and went deep. I had to rebuild myself, building block by building block. Now there is a stronger foundation, which I have built with the help of the right people.


In the year before my burnout, I already worked as a Coach with a focus on career coaching. Since my burnout, I have also included the 'well-being' aspect in my coaching. If we want to prevent the ever-increasing numbers of burnouts, it is simply common sense crucial to monitor/cultivate the balance between mental and physical well-being. Fashion is an industry that I love to this day, the well-being of the people in this industry (and beyond) is close to my heart.

My personal journey ultimately made me the coach I am today, professionally. I went into hell, and came out as a Coach who makes you feel and recognize your own power so that you can then make your own decisions.


Clichés are so true... My burnout has also brought me a lot. I have learned to be more resilient, to recognize my limits sooner and to indicate them. I have dared to make difficult choices, which ultimately led to positive change. I have had to step out of my comfort zone time and time again, which has made me feel stronger and grow as a person. I communicate clearly, transparently and strongly. I trust my intuition and let my inner compass guide me. A 'No' is a 'No'. With the occasional exception, I am and remain human and I am certainly not perfect.

There is a drive in me that is stronger than any obstacle. I will always follow my dreams and goals. I think in solutions and possibilities, no matter how dark life can sometimes look. I do all this with a lightness and clarity that makes things feel and go effortless. This motivation and drive is in all of us, but sometimes we lose it for a while or for a longer period of time.

I like to guide people to find that sparkle again. Just as I have found my sparkle again, with the right help.


I particularly help women and whether they are high potentials, senior creatives or managers of large international brands, I help you find your voice and, if necessary, your drive. Do you have difficulty with salary and contract negotiations, determining your daily rate or the price of your service / product? Money coaching is one of my fortes. During your coaching retreat we will delve deeper into your needs and look at where your growth opportunities and potential lie. They are always there. You just have to take your time. And you have that time when you stay in the Zome. With all kinds of facilities at your disposal that nourish and support your body, mind and soul.


The beautiful women I work with show me time and time again that we already have all the answers within us, and I am a supporting factor in getting these answers from your subconscious. That's my talent. That's what I have to offer.

Do you feel called by this? Then make an appointment here for a free consultation.


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