Portfolio Coaching

What distinguishes you in a world with so many creative talent?

How do you get that job you want, or attract the right clients as a freelancer?

How do you create your own visual language as a (starting) professional /entrepreneur?

After years of working in the creative industrie, as a (fashion) designer and recruiter, I know how important it is that your professional work represents who you are as a person. And to support you in that, I offer one on

one Coaching for this specific niche. To get clear on your personal strengths,

talents, values, and core area of expertise. 

One on One Session

For who:

For any creative who wants an in depth One on One session, to look at how to best design or update their portfolio. Starting professionals, freelancers, professionals that want to apply for a new role etc. ⁣⁣Art Directors, Fashion Designers, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers & Illustrators, Stylists.

As a former designer myself I know the struggles of creating an inspiring portfolio, that has a touch of uniqueness and personality.

  • How do you stand out in a world with so many creative talent?

  • And so many different options, online, hardcopy, or both?

Choices choices choices…I ended up postponing it, and not spending much time and attention on it, cause it made me feel blocked.

⁣⁣In my role as a recruiter for design-roles, I got some amazing insights in hundreds, if not thousands of portfolio’s. And I think I can say, that after seeing so many, I have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn't. There are just a few simple, but magical tips & tricks. I wish I knew them when I was struggling.

What will you get out of the sessions?

We will dive deeper into your work. I always like to focus on the good, and to see how we can show more of that!

Specific things we will look at are:

  • How you create an inspiring portfolio that stands out

  • How you create a portfolio that flows

  • What to show, and what not to show

  • How to create more personality in your portfolio

  • How to choose the right form that works for you

  • What the latest trends are in the "portfolio jungle", and how you can integrate that. 


By organising proof of your achievements and creative expressions, you are prepared to have confident, passionate and powerful conversations about your career and work at any time


Contact me for more information


50 min per session.

Sessions can be physical or per video call. Depending on your needs.