Creative Personal Branding Course

Learn how to be Creative and think Business at the same time!

Personal branding is no more a choice but a necessity to excel and grow. In today's era, not only businesses but individuals also need the branding to survive in the market.


During this course, you will discover your unique signature and increase your creativity. To take your personal branding and career from relative obscurity to high visibility.

What makes this course different from other PB courses?

There are many Personal branding courses out there. But I haven't found one specifically where you get to think and work with your hands. Cut in magazines, paint with watercolour, work with fabrics, paper. Create something tangible and authentic, but also learn how to transform something handmade into something digital. Because some things are better digital in order to look more professional.

But thinking with your hands is so important to unlocking creativity. The whole idea of thinking (working) with your hands is that you're activating parts of your brain that you just cannot access by thinking and speaking. Many artists claim that their best ideas come when they are not sitting down at the computer but creating and working with their hands. It also tunes into your creativity which in turn with the mental break, increases productivity. It's a win-win! 

So this is not your typical corporate Personal Branding course. We're gonna get creative AND at the same time think business! 

With this course you will be taken through the proces step by step. And I am going to fill your cub with so much tips and idea's, that you will feel things bubbling again. Ready to get creative?

My background:

As a former Designer and Fashion Recruiter I’ve seen many Personal Branding strategies, and their successes and struggles. Particularly as a recruiter I realised how important a clear and unique Personal Branding is to be noticed.

I also taught ‘Creative Personal Branding’ at Artemis in Amsterdam, the Academy for Styling & Design.

For who:

Creative professionals in the Fashion and Design industry, who want to work on their visual presentation and brand identity. Fashion Designers, Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Visual Designers, Stylists etc.

From a starting (freelance) professional, to someone who wants to tweak, or rebrand their business and branding.

What will you learn:

​How you project your brand and its values to the world and ensure that your target audience knows who you are, what you stand for, and why it’s worth choosing you over your competitors.

What will you do?

  • Create a vision/mood board 

  • Create a colorcard

  • Design your own logo

  • Tips for how to create your own website

  • Extra branding tips

  • Learn how to present your brand authentically

When: The launch will be in September, and the community starts in October. 

Time: In your own time. 

Location: Online. 

How long: 5 hours of video + every week (4 weeks long) a live session for Q&A's and extra feedback

Early bird Price: €160,00 incl. tax.

Normal price: €299,00 incl. tax

Extra gift: You will receive a beautiful Art Journal (worth €60 euro's). See video. Hand-crafted from naturally tanned leather. Bound journals are the perfect eco-friendly way to collect your creative ideas in. The sustainable recycled cotton khadda paper is great for writing, doodling, sketching or painting.

Not happy, money back policy. At any time.



I am super exited. I hope you are too.


So, what are you waiting for?

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