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Next Step Coaching

Feeling stuck and unmotivated?

Want to clarify your next direction?

Identify the obstacles holding you back? 

And come up with strategies on how to achieve your goals?

During these sessions we will get clear on your personal strengths, talents, values, and what options you have. 

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One on One Session

For who?

Creative professionals that are feeling stuck in their career / life. And that could use some more confidence in order to go after their dream life & soul purpose. 

If you want to:

- Get clear on your next step in your career

- Get practical help to boost your CV and Portfolio

- Receive positive support to look into (new) options

- Get help with starting as an entrepreneur 

- Overcome obstacles that might hold you back

- Feel more confident and focussed on your dream life

- Get help in achieving your goals

- Get tips on how to be an authentic networker

What will you get out of the sessions? 

I will think with you on how to navigate towards your new direction in your career / life. 

After the sessions you will be feeling motivated and inspired.

With more clarity on your mission, vision, talents, and personal strengths. Feeling less stuck, and having a cleare picture about your next step. I move through your personal journey with you, providing you with real-time support form my own learning and experiences as a Fashion Designer and Fashion Recruiter. 


Please get in touch.


60 /90 min per session.

Not happy, money back policy. At any time.

Sessions can be physical or per video call. Depending on your needs.

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