What distinguishes you in a world with so many different flavours?

How do you get that job you want, or attract the right clients as a freelancer?

How do you create your own visual language as a (starting) professional /entrepreneur?

After years of working in the creative industrie, I know how important it is that your professional work represents who you are as a person. And to help you with that, I created this Personal Branding online course.

Sweet & Simple, but with a lot of valuable tips & tools! 

Personal Branding Course

Create your own visual language

For who?

Anyone who wants to work on their visual presentation. 

From a starting (young) professional, to someone who wants to build their business.

What will I learn?

- Who you are as a person, and where you (want to) stand for.

- What your added value is, and where you want to contribute to.  

- What your vision & mission is.

- How to communicate this visually into the world.  

- How to create your own brand identity, such as a logo and website.

- How to market yourself. 

You don't have to be a creative talent to design your own Personal Branding. With this course you will be taken through the proces step by step. I will also be giving examples of my own proces that can be helpful for yours.


Total length of the course will take approximitly 2 hours. 

This is what it takes to read/watch/listen to all the given information. It's doesn't include the creation time. 

You can follow this course completely in your own time and pace.



​"Not happy, Money back" policy - no time limit. 

Note: This course is in English. Dutch subtitles are available