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Exclusive Services

Coach on the Job

For companies & their employees. One-on-one sessions with & for your employees, to guide them, using a variety of techniques that can help to prevent burnout in your organisation. A change in employee health can have such a positive effect on corporate culture.


Portfolio & CV Consult

How do you create a clear CV, and an inspiring Portfolio that works and stands out?

During this consult we will have a good look at how to level up your visual presentation. Your Portfolio is You. And You are your portfolio


Personal Brand Coaching

What distinguishes you in a world with so many creative talent? How do you get that dream job, or attract the right clients / projects as a freelancer? How do you create your own visual identity as a (starting) professional/entrepreneur?


Next Step Coaching

Feeling stuck and unmotivated?

Together we identify what your next step in your career can be, and come up with strategies to achieve your goals. Through a mix of looking at how to achieve your goals, your visual presentation and with creative assignments, we will dive deeper into your personal journey 


Let's Work Together

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