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Solo Retreat

Me-time = Selfcare

Welcome, to the Zome.

Always wanted to have a tinyhouse experience?  

Hosted on the rural & magical location of 'Le Reve de Gaia', we provide an environment to unwind, relax and recharge.

A place to get back in touch with nature, and back in touch with yourself and your path.
A place to stop, pause
and reflect. A place where you get to experience

the beauty of minimalism, slow living, and eco living.



This is the perfect chance to discover somewhere new and spend some quality time by yourself.

The relaxation and self-care practices you engage in during this solo retreat can help reduce your stress, 

and improve your overall well-being, leading to increased energy and vitality.

For who

Anyone that wants to step out of the busy life/work environment and would like to spend some time alone, in nature.

Stepping out of the ratrace, getting back in touch with yourself. Experiencing a more off-grid lifestyle. . 

Thinking about your next step in your career / life, can be one of the extra benefits of this retreat.

It is the perfect place and environment, where you have acces to personal Next Step Coaching.

Homemade meals. Prepared as much as possible from our local food production.
We provide meals with less dairy, less meat, less sugar and less gluten. Alcohol and coffee are not included, but if you fancy this, we will make sure this will be available for you. 

- Sheep yogurt in the fridge.
- Full jar with homemade granola.
- Local honey and jam. 
- Snacks such as olives & nuts.
- Fruit

Lunch and Diner will be brought to you. 
If you miss something, please let us know, your happiness comes first. 


La Resse.81260. Anglès (Tarn) 

South of France. Midi - Pyrénées


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