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Solo Retreat

The Solo Retreat is a five-day made-to-measure retreat in the region of Occitania in the South of France.

It was designed especially for you. 


Four nights and five days to enjoy, to contemplate and to recharge. 


We will work 4 hours per day on a 1:1 basis.

A mix of Next-Step focus sessions (career/work/life, it’s all connected),

guided Walk & Talks, yoga and meditation, and time to reflect, relax, and integrate. 

The Solo Retreat is intensive and deep, yet extremely relaxed and enjoyable.

It’s the ultimate me-time. You will be taken care of in the best possible way with beautiful food,

in nature wellness (a warm bath + facial mask). 

We, women, are used to caring for others. This is 5 days where you are being cared for.

Your Stay

You are staying four nights in the amazing Zome: an 18m2 tiny house that is built with locally sourced wood.  This innovative geometric design by architect Guillaume Chanut is based on the double helix.

According to Guillaume, the heart of the Zome is where you are centered and aligned.

This is the ultimate place to meditate and/or create! For five days you are glamping and slow living in one. Expect a super comfortable handcrafted queen-sized bed, and an external bathroom with pristine nature all around you. Take a bath in nature! 


  • Queen size bed

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Diner

  • Small fridge

  • Airconditioning & Heating

  • Bathroom with bath & (compost) toilet

  • A full fridge: sheep yogurt, a full jar with homemade granola, local honey and jam, snacks (olives and nuts), fruits, water, homemade iced tea, and herbs from the tea garden.

  • Lunch and dinner will be brought to you. Please let us know if you have any food allergies/diet wishes.


La Resse.81260. Anglès (Tarn) 

South of France. Midi - Pyrénées


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