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Standard Retreat

For if you are looking to spend some well deserved time on your own, without any obligations.

While enjoying all the freedom in the world to explore the surroundings in your own time and pace. 

Imagine yourself, taking walks, read a book, practicing yoga in your little hut or outside, pausing and taking in all the beauty around you, doing some journaling, and at the end of the day having a bath for as long as

you want, without any distractions and disturbances.



  • 4 nights in the Zome


  • Queen size bed

  • Small fridge

  • Airconditioning & Heating

  • Bathroom with bath & compost toilet

  • Yoga mat


  • Lunch and diner will be brought to you. If you miss something, please let us know, your happiness comes first. 

  • Sheep yogurt in the fridge.- Full jar with homemade granola.- Local honey and jam. - Snacks such as olives & nuts. - Fruit - Water - Homemade Icetea - Tea; you can make your own tea with herbes from the tea garden. 


  • Pick up and drop off from the airport / train station are included, if you don't come by car. 

  • If you want to explore more outside of the property of Le Rêve de Gaia, and go to see villages / do shoppings yourself, you would want to rent a car. 

Investment: €800 excl. vat.

  • If you are an employer, check with your company if they have a wellness budget. More companies do these days, to help their employers stay vital.

  • If you want to feel spontaneous, you can always book extra services on the spot. Check the Premium and Premium Plus packages for what those extra services are. 

  • The bathroom has a compost toilet. And is not within the Zome. It is in a tiny building just outside of the Zome. Keep this in mind. If you struggle with going to the toilet in the night, and you are not comfortable with the idea of going outside, we can provide a (clean) pee bucket. 

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