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Work & Wellness Retreat
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For companies & teams

Time: 5 days

Location: La Resse, Midi Pyrenees, France

Investment & Planning 

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Hosted on the rural & magical location of 'Le Reve de Gaia', we provide an environment to enable your employees to innovate. It is a place where people connect, inspire and educate each other. They can explore ideas through collective thinking and may even come up with new ideas or even a new product for your company.

For who:

Companies/teams that want to step outside the usual work environment and get together, unwind, talk business, and also socialise and have fun.

What will you do:

Together we create a tailor made program for your team that can exist of:

Creative workshops

- Brainstorm sessions

- An inspiring & educational forest walk

- Healthy food from our vegetable garden

- Yoga

- Relax and silence day

- Working with the hands in our vegetable garden

- Learn more about ecoliving

- Bonfire night