What distinguishes you in a world with so many creative talent?

How do you get that dream job, or attract the right clients / projects as a freelancer?

How do you create your own visual language as a (starting) professional /entrepreneur?

After years of working in the creative industrie, and starting my own business, I know how

important it is that your professional work represents you, and who you are as a person. 

And to help you with that, I created this online course academy.

Sweet & Simple, but with a lot of valuable tips & tools! 


Portfolio Masterclass 

Creative Personal Branding Course

Personal branding is no more a choice but a necessity to excel and grow. In today's era, not only businesses but individuals also need the branding to survive in the market.


As a former Designer and Fashion Recruiter I’ve seen many Personal Branding strategies, and their succeses and struggles. Particularly as a Recruiter I realised how important a clear and unique Personal Branding is to be noticed.


I also taught ‘Creative Personal Branding’ at Artemis in Amsterdam, the Academy for Styling & Design.


During this course we will work on a personal branding strategy to take your reputation and career from relative obscurity to high visibility.

When was the last time that you made the effort to collect, organize and update all your beautiful work and evidence into an inspiring bundle?


All too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our work and lives, that it's the first thing we skip off our to-do list. Our portfolio.

We don't think it's important and we think we'll update our own work just quickly when needed. That's such a shame, and a missed opportunity. Because it's about you. And your work. And that is important. It deserves your time, effort and above all, your love.


By putting more love into your portfolio, it will eventually radiate through the presentation of your work. It can also be energising to work on it. You say Yes to yourself. That always pays off. If not now, then at another unexpected moment.


When:     Waiting for new dates to be planned 



How long:  

When:      20 Oct - 26 Nov

Time:         6 weeks

Location:    Online & Offline

How long:  approx 10 hours in total (without homework)