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Standard Package

For employees & companies

When people are in a state of wellbeing at work, they’re able to develop their potential, be productive and creative, build positive relationships with others, better cope with stress, and make meaningful contributions. Burnouts among employees are increasing, so if we want to provide a healthy culture at work, and not have high costs on employees that fall out, wellness should be integrated in our work environments. A change in employee health can have such a positive effect on corporate culture. And no-one 


A burnout costs on average E 60,000. A coaching trajectory costs on average E 500-1000,-

One on One Session


- Stress management

- Feeling stuck and unmotivated 

- Communication

- Self-doubt

- How to achieve certain goals

- Feeling happier in the work environment

Tool & Techniques:

- Pragmatic and practical support

- Provide constructive help in how to overcome obstacles

- Help change destructive thought processes

- Work on strengthening communication skills

What will we work on:

- Autonomy

- Getting clear on personal and professional strengths

- Communication skills

- Setting clear priorities

- Boundaries

- Productivity

- Stress release & reduction ways


For more information contact me or plan an intake call

Sessions can be physical or per video call. 

Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call.

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