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Creative Personal Branding

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💛 For who? Creative professionals in the Fashion and Design industry, who want to work on their visual presentation and brand identity. Fashion Designers, Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Visual Designers, Stylists etc. From a starting (freelance) professional, to someone who wants to build their business and branding. 💛 What makes this course unique? There are many Personal branding courses out-there. But I haven't found one specifically for Creatives. Where you get to work with your hands. Cut in magazines, paint with watercolour, work with fabrics, paper. Create something tangible, but also learn how to transform something handmade into something digital. So this is not your typical corporate Personal Branding course. We're gonna get creative and at the same time think business! 💛 What will you learn? How you project your brand and its values to the world and ensure that your target audience knows who you are, what you stand for, and why it’s worth choosing you over your competitors. 💛 What will you do? * Create a vision/mood board  * Create a colorcard * Design your own logo * Tips for how to create your own website * Extra branding tips * Learn how to present your brand authentically With this course you will be taken through the proces step by step. And I am going to fill your cub with so much tips and idea's, that you will feel things bubbling again. Ready to get creative?

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