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Personal Brand Coaching

Discover your own unique signature

What distinguishes you in a world with so many creative talent?

How do you get that dream job, or attract the right clients / projects as a freelancer?

How do you create your own visual identity as a (starting) professional /entrepreneur?



Personal branding is no more a choice but a necessity to excel and grow. In today's era, not only businesses but individuals also need the branding to survive in the market. During these sessions you will discover your unique signature and increase your creativity. To take your personal branding and career from relative obscurity to high visibility.

For who?

Professionals in the Fashion and Design industry:

  • who are looking to start as a freelancer /entrepreneur. And that want to work on their visual presentation and brand identity.

  • who are working for a company (and have done for a few years) and want to discover their own signature again. 

  • Graduates that want to create a strong personal branding, in order to feel confident when approaching the market (companies etc).

What will you learn?

Who you are in your core, what do you stand for, what is your signature. And what is your unique selling point, why it’s worth choosing you over your competitors.

What will you do?

This depends on your personal needs and wishes. I make a tailored plan for you. I will challenge you to work with the hands (again) to get you out of the mind and drop into the body, which helps your creativity flow again. Examples of what we can do is the following.

  • Create a vision/mood board 

  • Create a Visual Portret

  • Create a colorcard

  • Design your own logo

  • Tips for how to create your own website

  • Design your own business cards

  • Define your core values & strengths

  • Authentic Marketing & Strategy tips and advice


€125,- excl VAT for one session.

+ aftercare via email and/or whatsapp. 


60/90 min per session.

Sessions can be physical or per video call. Depending on your needs.



One on One Session

Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call.

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