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Slow down, and breathe


Work & Wellness


We want to welcome you in the Zome, for your well-deserved Solo Retreat. A tiny house in the beautiful mountains of southern France. 

We offer an environment to unwind, relax and recharge. A place where you can let go of any stories that no longer serve you, leaving with a lighter energy and a clear focus.

Personal attention is what matters to us. YOU matter to us.
Here you can pause, reflect and philosophize about your possible next step in your life. Or to find the right focus for a work project that you have been wanting to get off the ground for some time. 

You decide what your solo retreat will look like based on your own needs and wishes. We hope to welcome you to these beautiful surroundings, where you will be received and cared for with love.

(Re)Treat yourself. Invest in your well-being. You deserve it, and you are worth it.


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