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Hi there, and welcome at Turn The Tables.

A Work & Wellness platform for professionals in the Fashion & Design Industry. My name is Claudia Kafoe, the initiator of Turn The Tables. Given my 13 years experience in the Fashion & Design Industry, both as a fashion designer and recruiter, this area is my niche. I am the bridge between the creative side and the business side. There are many recruiters in this industry, but not many coaches. Because of my background, I understand the need from creatives to have someone take a look at their work and career opportunities. 

I motivate you, and boost your confidence, to get your engine moving again. I have an eye for design, but I also quickly see commercial opportunities and possibilities. In addition, I have developed a very strong intuition in terms of empathising with you what might be the right direction or next step to take. Without pushing this. I look at all the possibilities with you. And bring you back in alignment with who you really are, and what you truly want to do, and are capable of. So that you can feel that fire inside again. I see that fire, I just help you rekindle and awaken it. And it’s AMAZING to see this happening, each time again!


TTT offers practical and constructive help to get clear on your personal strengths, talents, values, and core area of expertise. So that you feel confident about yourself and your unique talents. And create the life you envision.




What distinguishes you in a
world with so many creative talent?

Remote & Non Remote Coaching

Coaching on the job

One-on-one sessions with & for your employees, to guide them, using a variety of techniques that can help to prevent burnout in your organisation. A change in employee health can have such a positive effect on corporate culture. A burnout costs on average €60.000.

A coaching trajectory costs on average €500- €1000

Next Step Coaching

One on one sessions for professionals who want some practical help for taking the next step. Wether you just like to have a CV and Portfolio check for your upcoming applications, advice on your fee, or if you want to dive deeper into your personal journey, during these sessions we will get clear on your personal strengths, talents, values, and what options you have. 


“I have loved working with Claudia and find it incredibly helpful. She not only has a background as a Designer, but also understanding the ‘other side’ of recruiting by knowing what companies are looking for and how to help you stand out from others. She is fun, very easy to talk to, but most importantly, encouraging! Fantastic!”

Senior Designer - Inditex Barcelona

Claudia has a very nice way of working and because of that I had good sessions with her. She gave me insights about the situation I was in, which I had not expected myself. Claudia, thank you for the sessions we had. You are a nice, warm and open person and that certainly contributed to our conversations!


A while ago I had a number of coaching sessions with Claudia. I noticed that some old patterns from the past sometimes got in the way. Claudia has held up a mirror to me, and made me look and think differently in situations. Claudia communicates in a pleasant, accessible way with calm and understanding. Thanks again, it was a very educational and fun process!


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Studio location: Keizersgracht 394 - Amsterdam


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