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Slow down, and breathe


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Strong beautiful woman

Here's to you. You, who always takes care of everyone around you. You, who deserves a break from all the responsibilities and expectations. You, who deserves to be taken care of for a change. Don't let the world take you down. Look within yourself and remember who you are. A powerful being of light. 

My name is Claudia Kafoe, the initiator of Turn The Tables. For13 years I've worked in the creative industry, both as a fashion designer and recruiter. The Fashion & Design world is a tough industry. Like many others, in which people's well-being is often ignored. Deadlines, underpay, long hours, criticism, little exercise and unhealthy habits drain you. It's all about profits and sales. Not about the people. I don't believe in this fast paced environment anymore. Burnouts are increasing. And trust me, I've been there, and that is not where you want to end up.

I’ve pulled myself out of the ratrace and slowed down. And this has been the best decision I have ever made. I started listening to my own pace and rhythm again. Working soft instead of working hard, and accomplish more then ever before. 


In stillness there is space to just Be, instead of Do. And from this place, when our mind is at ease, and our body is in rest, new ideas can come to the surface. Glimpse of your unseen path can present themselves. And you get the chance to really feel into what could be your next step. On a personal and/or professional level. Both are heavily connected. 


From Go-mode
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