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Story & Vision


After having various careers, from Dance Teacher to Fashion Stylist to Fashion Recruiter, I ended up in the burnout of all burnouts. This was my big wake-up call. I retrained myself (already) before my burnout) to become a coach, and have since led a different lifestyle. One that suits me better. Where I can maintain my love and passion for my work, and at the same time my well-being remains number 1.


I had the privivedge to build a tiny house in the mountains of southern France with my friends from Le Rêve de Gaia, and a very nice guesthouse next to it. The Zome.

We share the same vision. And that is to create a beautiful warm place of relaxation. Where Work and Well-being come together. Because in addition to the fact that we strive for a slow-living & eco-living lifestyle, we do work here. We run this retreat place together. So collaboration, communication, and everything else that comes with running a business is what we also deal with. 

My personal vision, and therefore that of Turn The Tables, is about the “New Way of Working”. If we want to prevent the ever-increasing numbers of burnouts, things must change. During my working years as a recruiter, I got a nice look behind the scenes of different corporate companies. This allowed me to see what went well, and also what could be improved.

✔️Better communication in the workplace.


✔️ Building teams in which we look carefully at everyone's potential and ensure that it is fully utilized. What makes someone happy? Give someone the time to figure that out, and you have a full-fledged team member.


✔️Soft landing. Did you know that it takes an average of 6 months for someone to settle into a new company, department, etc. But often everything is expected of that new person right away. That creates pressure and is counterproductive. In the first month you immediately exhaust someone with new impressions, expectations, tasks and information. Do you want someone to stay? And excels in his or her skill? Give the person the time and space to explore your company and develop.


✔️Outsourcing what is not your expertise is many times more efficient than trying to do or learn everything yourself.


✔️From work hard to working soft.

✔️From Deadline, to Dreamline. All this with an 80/20 balance. Because sometimes you have to make some noise. As long as this is balanced with sufficient, real moments of rest. This way you keep your employees, and yourself as a manager or entrepreneur, healthy.


✔️Stop the 40-hour work week. We are more productive when we work fewer hours. Because we are happier when we can spend more time with ourselves and with our loved ones. That gives us energy, which we can then use on the work floor. With better and faster results.


✔️Working more from Flow mode instead of Go mode makes you more creative. And that is a win-win situation for both the company and the person themselves.

Because If you feel better, You perform better!


Claudia Kafoe

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