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Peronal Power Package

For if you are looking to spend some well deserved time on your own, with guided services, and acces to your own personal coach. While being extra pampered, and still enjoying all the freedom in the world to explore the surroundings in your own time and pace. You will be taking care of in all aspects. And your stay can be completely tailored around your wishes. 


Next Step Guidance

Career focussed from the perspective that work and emotional well-being are intertwined. This is all about developing more clarity regarding goals and ambitions, as well as how to achieve them. As a certified coach and a former recruiter you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Are you unsure of what your dreams, desires and goals are? I offer tools to help clarify this.

3 guided hikes

​Walks are between 60 minutes to several hours for those who can’t get enough. We’re walking through amazing countryside, forests, lakes, scenic viewpoints, along rivers etcetera. We connect with Mother Nature. Walking has been proven to be one of the most healthy exercise types. It stimulates cognitive function and neuroplasticity. In other words: By walking and talking, we facilitate problem-solving, creativity, and health. 

Yoga & Meditation 

You can join the morning routine of meditation and a soft Yin yoga and stretch practice. 

Want to meditate by yourself? This is also possible of course.  

Either way, it is proven that by starting the day with a calm mind and an awakened body, by ‘dropping into your body’, you will have more creativity, reduced stress, and a grounded being all through that same day.

Vision boarding

This is a three-hour workshop where we connect with our unconsciousness. You create your vision board. The directions and solutions of your personal self this process brings may surprise you. We practice non-attachment and letting go of outcomes.

Money Mindset

You may be a professional powerhouse. And still may find it hard to negotiate for the sake of your own interests. As a former recruiter, I know a thing or two about the shame that women experience when it comes to negotiating salaries or fees. Money is a taboo. But Money Mindset is about so much more than money. It's about your (self) value. What do you believe that you, or your product, are worthy of.   

Reiki Session

Certified reiki therapist Baptiste Cureau can give you a session that involves him placing his hands lightly on or just above your body to channel calming energy. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress, and can help with emotional balance and pain relief. A session typically last 45 to 90 minutes, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed.


€2222 excl. vat.

Including flight tickets (retour) from Amsterdam - Montpellier 

  • This retreat is tax deductible for entrepreneurs/freelancers

  • Are you an employee, then check with your company about the wellness budget. 

  • If you are an HR professional or company owner: Contact me and invest in the well-being of the people who realize your ambitions.

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