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In this fast paced world we currently live in, more and more people suffer from mental illness. Depression and burnout seems to be part of a normal adult life these days. The way we live is not sustainable for many of us. Working hard to pay the bills, failing school systems, an overloaded healthcare system, financial insecurities. The pressure is too high. We are loosing touch with our true nature. Turn The Tables stands for a slow living lifestyle. Working soft instead of working hard. From Go-mode to Flow-mode. Leaning into the natural timing for things to arise.


Offering a warm place for those who are in need of slowing down the body, mind and soul. For those who suffer from mental illness, or for those that are in need for some down-time and Me-time. So that they can experience this tranquility and feel how it is, to slow down. Following their own pace again.

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