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Start your own Business

Do you crave more freedom, independence,

and earn a good income that will help you create the life you want?

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Career Opportunity

Looking for:

Freedom seekers, who are interested in a new challenge, where you get the opportunity and guidance to start your own (online) business in the wellness industry and at the same time contribute to a healthier world.


Brand ambassador and/or business owner for an established health and beauty company. A family business started in America in 1978, which has grown into a large international company that sells their products in 160 countries.

You will work with the Dutch organization.

There are many different directions in which you can grow. You can focus on what you are good at and what you love the most. Your opinion and ideas are important and you can work your way up as high as you want.


- You are openminded and flexible

- You like to try new things

- You are a connector

- No specific background or experience needed (learning by doing)

- An interest in holistic health & beauty products

Als a Work & Wellness coach, specialised in Personal Branding, I can & will help you through all the steps. If that's what you would like of course. But know that this is something that comes with it, for free!  

Other Benefits:

- Work remotely

- Online & Offline

- Part-time or full-time

- You are your own boss

- You determine your own pace and working hours

- You get a discount on all products

- Infinite growth and expansion possibilities

- Freedom & Independence

- Option for guidance at every step

- Access to online training

- Ability to build sustainable financial security

- Despite your independence, you are part of a team

- You are part of a healthy organization that cares about the well-being of this planet and all its living beings.

Curious to learn more? Then please get in touch via below button. 

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